Meet Lucy

Say hello to our newest family member, Lucy.


We adore her! She adores playing for approximately 20 hours a day and sleeping in between my Hubster and I. Isn’t she adorable?!





Escape From LA

Sometimes you just gotta do it.





California is such a glorious state. Those of us that live here know that though. I’m so thankful for God’s beauty, a car, and wonderful company. Adventure is so easy and soooo good for the soul. Schedule your next adventure today!

Red Velvet Cupcakes

For the most part people adore Red Velvet Cupcakes, right? Well, I fall in the category that drools over them. Like, grab this girl a hankie. Anyway, I made my first attempt at making these bad boys and guess what? It was a success! I thought I’d share the SUPER easy recipe with you all. It’s here. And I followed the recipe exactly. Everyone loved them and I sent guests home with a few as well. I keep pastry boxes on hand at home. It’s lovely to have something special to send goodies home in (instead of Tupperware that you’ll surely never get returned). And your guest will feel that much more special with their box of yummy goodness.



Holidays 2012

The end of the year is here! Has your holiday season been a joyous one? I know mine surely has. It’s been a little hectic at times but always full of joy and lots of FOOD. Like seriously, food to the max. I’m so grateful for what 2012 has brought me. For all the blessings that have been in my life and the promises of even more. I’m happy to say that I am proud of where my life is headed.

Here’s a few shots from Thanksgiving. Included are my adorable nephews.

And Christmas..
christmas tree

christmas at grove

Here’s to a great 2013!


Have you heard about this documentary, Happy, yet?  Am I really late on this bandwagon?  Possibly.  Either way, it’s a lovely documentary.  A good 75 investment to a reminder that life is precious…  Let’s spend it wisely and enjoy ourselves, yes?  God designed us to enjoy life.  Jesus came to show us The Way. I feel that this documentary reinforces all the teachings of Jesus (just in a way that you don’t know that is what’s going on…shhhh).  In culture today, and my goodness in LA culture, so many things get attention from the media, by our friends on Facebook, from newsites.  Let’s promote, Happy.  I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.  Maybe it’s not risque enough, but I’m OK with that too.

So, the task of the week.  What makes you happy?  Genuinely.  Don’t delay it any longer. 

Fall Interrupted

Fall is here. Wait. No it’s not. The LA weather has been so spastic lately. Barely reaching the mid 60s one week and then soaring into the 90s the next. To just bypass this madness the Hubster and I decided to trek up to the inland mountains for some fun apple pickin’. The weather was a bit cooler, air a bit thinner. It was lovely. I was still too hot in my cardigan, however. Boo. Anyway, I highly recommend going! Gooooood food, fun apple picking times, fresh cider, and the smell of apple pie at every corner. Go! It’s great fun. We went to Los Rios Rancho. Tell them the mrs and Hubster sent you. They’ll know who we are.



Here’s a recap photo! We also went with some friends (and their kids) who recently moved to SoCal from Louisiana.


Check out this sunset too. God was (and always is) shining on us.



Such a dirty word.

I dislike saying it.  Thinking it.  You name it.  But why do we as Christians find the need to call out certain…”sinners”?  What is up with this constant separation of each other and defining me from you.  If we try to find commonality (well, so of us anyway) with other religions (also dislike THAT word) why’s it so hard for us to do it within our own community? 

What I’m really getting at here is a personal dilemma.  My friend.  My dearest friend that carries my spirit…has recently entered into a same-sex romantic relationship.  And I’m in a tailspin. 


God is working through some stuff with me.  And I admit, I’m not enjoying it.  B.C. (before Christ) I was on the front lines of marriage equality.  Did all the phone-ins, organized the troops, etc., etc.  But now, now that I have been gripped by the Holy Spirit and have had the word of God fill my heart…things have changed.  But I don’t know how they’ve changed.  I just know they’ve changed and I’m struggling to find where I stand on the issue (dirty words everywhere).  You see, this matter of finding which side I was on and so on didn’t really matter. God and me, we were good.  Nothing to wrestle with, no drama with that papa.  But now it’s smack in the middle of my life.  And now I have to do with it.

And I don’t wanna.   

“It is a trustworthy statement, deserving full acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, among whom I am foremost of all.” 1 Timothy 1:15

Lord knows He saves me everyday.